Metal Matrix Powders

Successful part formation begins with the appropriate choice of matrix powder.


|   Diamond Tool Matrix Powders

PPM Ltd. produces custom tailored diamond tool metal matrix powders to satisfy the individual requirements of various cutting and drilling tool manufacturers. Our custom matrix powders work to firmly support and hold diamonds without damaging them, thus permitting the optimum diamond exposure required for efficient tool performance. 

Essential features of PPM diamond tool matrix powders are:

    • MATRIX-TO-DIAMOND BOND – Tungsten-base alloys bond and support diamonds firmly with minimal damage to the diamond surfaces.
    • STRENGTH-HARDNESS-RIGIDITY - Custom combinations of these properties designed for optimum tool performance.
    • MATRIX-TO-DIAMOND WEAR RATIO – For impregnated diamond tool products, the matrix erodes rapidly enough to keep diamond cutting edges exposed but not so rapidly that diamonds become dislodged.  For surface set diamond tool products, the matrix is as wear resistant as possible, firmly supporting and holding diamonds without damaging them.

|   Hot Press Powders

Hot Press method is a relatively fast, single stage process used to manufacture various tool parts in which compacting and sintering is achieved in one-step. This process requires self-bonding powders. PPM produces various custom blends of self-bonding powders with particle size distributions and chemical compositions tailored to specific end-user requirements.

|   Infiltration Powders

Infiltration method involves a series of steps whereby matrix powders are placed into a mold and compacted. Then, a bond-alloy is introduced through melting where capillary action draws the alloy through the matrix powder blend, filling in any voids between the particles. The addition of the molten metal (bond-alloy) works to enhance desired physical properties of the part. PPM custom produces high purity infiltration powder blends to suit your physical and chemical requirements.

PPM Ltd offers customized:

    • Pre-alloyed and blended, ready to infiltrate or hot press, metal matrix powder compositions 
    • Metal powder alloys used to infiltrate or bond metal matrix powders
    • Blend additives to adjust diamond tool matrix wear rates

We have extensive experience and are familiar with the requirements of domestic and international diamond tool matrix powder customers.  Our technical personnel are specialists in design and manufacture of matrix powders to suit the various tool applications and fabrication methods. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our capable and experienced engineering staff.