Zirconium Carbide Powder

We produce and stock customizable zirconium carbide (ZrC) powders providing high hardness, low coefficient of friction surface finish, high thermal shock resistance, high temperature stability, and high wear resistance. 

Chemical Formula



Zirconium carbide, Zirconium (IV) carbide, zirconium monocarbide


Fabrication Methods

  • Chemical/Physical Vapor Deposition (CVD/PVD).  Zirconium carbide coatings are deposited by CVD or PVD to provide high hardness and wear resistant surfaces.
  • Powder Metallurgical (P/M).  Zirconium carbide powders are pressed into parts through hot or cold pressing and sintering.


  • Molar Mass: 103.24 g/mol
  • Density: 6.73 g/cm3
  • Melting Point: 3540°C
  • Boiling Point: 5100°C
  • Hardness: 2100 Knoop Hardness
  • Young's Modulus: 430 GPa
  • Poisson's Ratio: 0.25
  • Thermal Conductivity: 25 W/m·°C
  • Appearance: gray powder

We will customize our powders to your specification!